Custom Built: Wall Unit in American Oak

At Salvador Furniture, we’re passionate about creating handcrafted furniture that stands the test of time. We understand the value of quality workmanship and locally sourced materials, which is why we’re so proud to share our latest project with you: a bespoke wall unit made from the finest American Oak.

American Oak: A Testament to Durability and Beauty

American Oak has long been a go-to choice for heirloom-quality furniture, thanks to its strength, natural resilience, and warm tones. With its distinctive grain patterns and timeless elegance, we knew that American Oak would be the perfect material to bring our client’s vision to life.

Design Process: Collaboration at Its Finest

When designing the wall unit, we worked closely with our client to understand their unique needs and preferences. This collaboration allowed us to create a piece that not only showcases the beauty of American Oak but also provides ample storage and functionality for their space.

Craftsmanship: A Labor of Love

As a small, local business, we’re proud of the meticulous attention to detail that goes into each piece of furniture we create. For this project, our artisans hand-selected each plank of American Oak, ensuring a consistent grain pattern and color throughout the piece. The wood was then expertly cut, joined, and sanded to create a fluid design that would perfectly complement our client’s home.

To highlight the natural beauty of American Oak, we chose a lacquer finish with 10% gloss, which not only enhances the wood’s warm tones but also provides a film on the surface that protects the wood and allows it to age gracefully. This finish ensures the wall unit will develop a rich patina over time, becoming even more beautiful with age.

Functionality: A Perfect Balance

We designed this bespoke wall unit to provide both style and practicality. Adjustable shelves offer versatile display space for books, decorative items, or a cherished collection, while spacious cabinets and drawers provide discreet storage for items best kept out of sight. The result is a piece that marries beauty and functionality in perfect harmony.

Our American Oak wall unit is a prime example of Salvador Furniture’s commitment to creating handcrafted, Australian-made furniture that stands the test of time. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and supporting local economies, we’re proud to create bespoke pieces that tell a story. If you’re interested in investing in a piece of furniture that’s built to last, we’d be honoured to help bring your vision to life. Contact our team today to discuss your custom furniture project, and let’s create something truly special together.

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